14 June 2014 – Interview for the 30th anniversary of Indianino boots

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Indianino boots. Where did you get the idea?

HECTOR: It all started from my passion for horses and adventure. In the 80’s I wore for the first time the “Native American” boots they use for bareback riding; it was during a trip to Quebec, where I had the chance the live among them. When back to Italy, I had the desire to share the experience I had, so I created the Indianino boots using my skills and knowledge of leather. I adapted them to our culture, adding for example some details (tassels, pearls and Swarovski) and an internal heel that improves the comfort.

Which models are the best sellers?

HECTOR: The “Traforato” and “Lacci” models are ones of the very first I created and they’re evergreen. Also the newest “microborchie”, together with the one with pearls and Swarovski, are conquering people’s heart and we are also thinking of bringing back some cool models from the 80’s.

Is the Indianino boots your leading product in other country as well?

HECTOR: Yes, the “Indianino” is still the best seller. In Spain it’s popular to wear them combined with matching bags and belts; in Ibiza they go crazy for the eccentric colours!

Are there some Special Editions?

HECTOR: Yes, there is a Limited Edition in Python and another one with Swarovski. We may surprise you with some new entries, soon available in our shops.

We often see photos of VIP wearing your boots, are they spokesperson?

HECTOR: They’re not. Our shops have always been the destination for famous people and I’m thankful to all of them for their trust, but they’re simply customer.

How should people wear Indianino boots?

HECTOR: I don’t think there are rules on how to wear them. Thanks to the variety of colours and models, they are very easy to combine and cover a wide range of styles

When did all start and what is the key of your success?

HECTOR: We were born in 1976 as a leather working shop but we’ve also been the first to bring second-hand Levi’s fashion to Italy. We started creating clogs, bags and mostly boots, from cowboy to Indianino boots– that made us famous worldwide. Back in the 80’s our belt production was very strong, many of our customer of that time still come back after 30 years aware of the quality and originality of our products. These two qualities together with worldwide exportation are the key of our success.

How important is marketing in reaching success?

HECTOR: Mass media play a very important role in our company, given the need to interact with our customer. We are aware of their needs and we try to satisfy their requests, rewarding their loyalty with promotions and contests on our social network.

There are many imitation of your boots, how to deal with the counterfeiting problem?

HECTOR: I’m used to look at the bright side of everything: I feel lucky and honoured to know that Indianino boots are the most fabricated boots after ww2 - according to the Chamber of Commerce of the Italian region Marche. I’m also glad that these boots gave work to a lot of people, since the manufactures that copy our product are all over the World; but it’s a shame how some of them mislead the customers by saying “we are the originals”.

The original name of the brand was Hector, why did you decide to add on the name of the city of Riccione later?

HECTOR: Because the company was born in Riccione and the production still take place entirely there. Plus I am aware of the importance of tourism promotion: thanks to my brand, the name of RIccione travels all over world and people fly here to come and buy our products.

DO you regret something in these 30 years of career?

HECTOR: I only regret one thing: not having patented my very particular seam with studs.