Python Boots, Indianino boots Riccione, Leather clothing – Hector Riccione

At the beginning of his career Hector starts by selling a selection of clogs, sandals, bags and belts and, over a 10 years period, he succeeds in opening 10 stores all over Italy. All his products are handmade and some of them are also decorated with snake and crocodile skin. He becomes the first manufacturer to import US denim into Europe during the 80’s, with which he reinvents, embellishes and decorates the fabric to add value to second hand clothing and becoming a pioneer of ecologically conscious fashion.

Then in the 90’s it is his passion for horses that takes Hector to the Indian reserves in Quebec – an experience that marks the turning point in his career.

Upon returning to Italy, Hector creates the Indinino boots, a successful mix of Indian style and everyday fashion, distributed in 14 stores worldwide. Even after conquering Europe, Hector still plays the biggest role during the production phases: from the choice of the leather to the design of new products. His production includes Walker boots and Camperos for all the lovers of the cowboy look. For more than 30 years, Hector Riccione has been the destination for Motor Cycle lovers and VIP from all over the world: showgirls, TV hosts as well as rock stars.